Today’s was a miserable CrossFit WOD.  A 35 minute running AMRAP punctuated every 5 minutes with 15 burpees.  Great work everyone who made it out to face this one.  Shame on those of you who hid at work or home in order to avoid the suffering!

Vancouver gifted us with mild weather for this one and though the day was a bit rainy it was considerate enough to only rain between classes never falling on us as we ran around Dunbar Street.

5:30am Where is everyone?  All week the 5:30am crew has been packed solid and suddenly there were only 2 hardcore CrossFitters: Brawn & Yeti.  Great job showing up and getting this one done guys!

6:30am Only the rookies showed up.  Seriously veterans, where are you at?  Great work Dauntless, Auto and Mongoose – 1st RX’d WOD – way to go!

9:15am A;so usually a full class but today not as much.  Sam I Am, Shine & Outlaw the 3 regulars and guess who else turned up?  It was Sandman!  Turns out he wasn’t avoiding today’s WOD so much as recovering from a night of debauchery.

12:00pm Noon had a better showing.  Road Warrior representing our early morning crew plus regular nooners Doc Bones, Brick and Fast Trak as well as Still Waters.

5:00pm Evenings have been rather light this week so I was happy to see the return of MK & Aquagirl plus another rookie Prime.  All 3 RX’d it!

Great work to EVERYONE who showed up and got this one done!

It was RX’d by Yeti, Mongoose, Shine, Sandman, Doc Bones, Still Waters, Brick, Fast Trak, MK, Aquagirl & Prime.

For the ladies Still Waters crushed it with 4.4km just one run better than 2nd place Aquagirl.

For the boys it was hungover Sandman at 5.4km.  None of the men who might have challenged him (Doc Disc, Magnum, Smash) turned up today.  Prime claimed 2nd with 4.6km.

This WOD was so enjoyable that it inspired artistic expression from participants in the form of Brawn’s sad clown face!