On Thursday you get to take on the pair up throw down. How it is written is as a synchronised partner workout but unfortunately unless you have a family member or someone on zoom to pair with we will do this one as individuals. With the thirty five minute time cap it was a really good workout.

Each round will end with a four hundred meter run (after each rep scheme of the couplets you will do one four hundred meter run).  The first is deadlifts, bar facing burpees, and run.  After five minutes of rest, the second will be Thrusters, pull ups, and run. Sandman was able to finish the whole workout under the time cap on Wednesday morning. Perhaps one of you will improve on his time.

Zoomers make sure you have a pull up progression ready and two things for your lifts. If you are coming to the open gym makes sure to have this one written out before you come in. It can be easy to get lost if you are unprepared.

Thought of the day

Synchronizing with a partner adds another lair to training. I was very fortunate to be able to drag my daughter into do the workout with me. It was a really fun time (my words not hers). For those of you that don’t get to tackle it with a family member we will make sure to add it to a rest day as restrictions ease up. This way you can get a chance to synchronize with a partner in the future too. We look forward to seeing you on zoom and in the open gyms.


QOD: What time of day do you do your best work?

Warm up

2 rnds (1 minute each)

Ring rows or bent over rows

Pvc  clusters (squat clean and thruster)


Workout movements

Build weight


Pairup Throwdown (members from same family and zoomers can pair up)


Deadlifts 125/185#

Bar facing burpees

400m run

5 minute rest


Thrusters 55/75#

Pull ups

400m run

Time cap= 35 minutes

Cool down

Calf raises

Shoulder circles

Dragon pose/ pigeon pose

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