On Thursday you will get the opportunity to take on a fun little couplet. You will do five rounds of twenty thrusters and twenty deadlifts. This is a good little workout and you should enjoy watching Corey and HeeHee take it on in the video below.

If you have the option of two weights we would strongly recommend a light to moderate weight for thrusters and a moderate to hheavy weight for deadlifts. But for those with only a light weight and that finish early we will have a finisher for you. We look forward to seeing you tomorrow on zoom.

Thought of the day

“Enjoy the little things in life, because one day you will look back, and realize they were the big things. “ -???

This week has brought a great deal of stress but within that there have been many little wins. Next time that it feels like the world is coming at you try and enjoy the little victories and special moments that come your way.


QOD: What is one fictional character you wish was real?

Warm up

2 rnds

A                                   B

RDLs                           os push up

Bent over row         Samson lunges

KBS                            Front Squat To Press





5 rounds

20 thrusters

20 Deadlifts


2 attempts max plank: left, middle, right

Cool down

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