On Tuesday it will be time for thrusters and weighted pull-ups. The thruster weight is a bit heavier than normal at ninety five pounds and one hundred and thirty five pounds. For your weighted pull up you can use a dumbbell, back pack, weight vest or any other object to build to your weight.  The ceiling for the pull ups will be thirty pounds and forty five pounds.

For those of you in zoom land try and find a hard pull up progression. It may be heavier bent over rows, ring rows with your feet on an object, or pull ups with fewer bands. The progression should be heavy or hard enough to make you need to break these reps into sets. It should also offer a greater challenge than you regular Pull-up progression. For the thruster it should be the same as far as difficulty and you may need to be creative to find a challenge with the equipment you have.

Open gym peeps, if you are doing this one, let the coach on duty know and we will get you the weights you need to challenge yourself on it. If you are on a higher pull up bar don’t be afraid to use boxes to get up to it. If a barbell is not the best challenge for you, try dumbbell or kettlebell thrusters. This will offer a unique challenge especially on your weak side.

Thought of the day

I liked this workout. The pull ups felt a bit heavy and I was feeling a bit tired before starting but felt really good after finishing. Sometimes in training the workouts that you are least excited for turn out to be the best ones. The lack of expectations can really give you the opportunity to get some good work in.

You may be looking at this one unenthusiastically, it may even give you slight Fran vibes, but as long as you focus on good movement you can make progress on the pull-up and thruster.  We look forward to seeing you on zoom and in the open gym.


QOD: Something that was very challenging when you started but you are better at now?

Warm up

3 rounds (1 Minute Each)

Shoulder pass throughs

Hollow (Hold, Rock, Hold)

Pvc ohs

Full Body Rocks



Weighted pull ups



Thrusters 95/135#

Weighted pull ups 30/45#

Cool down

Shoulder pass throughs

Pvc flag pole

Grip stretch

Child pose with pvc

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