Woke just before 6am, threw in laundry load then started working right away.  A bit rushed but was mostly done by the time I took Kaelin to school.

Another sunny Vancouver morning!  After dropping him off I headed to CrossFit.  Scheduled for a rest day but since we are away this weekend wanted to get ahead of the programming a bit.  In any case, not feeling at all worn down, rest day not required.  In fact, this is the best I have felt since before the Open, fully energized and recharged!  And a good this too since today’s Crossfit WOD looks nasty:

10 Rounds:
30 seconds burpees
30 seconds rest
30 seconds DB thrusters @45#
30 seconds rest

I settled into a good pace of 8 burpees and 7 thrusters for an average of 15 reps per round.  Felt like I was riding my threshold without crossing over into redline territory.  Strangely, the burpees got harder and the thrusters easier as the rounds wore on.

Finished with 150 feeling pretty good.  Now curious to see what others score to determine if I was indeed in the zone or just slacking off.

Walked to the Dunbar library for a new book and then Dunbar Community Centre for a sauna.  Bumped into a very sick sounding Brick on my way out.

Returned home.  Spent the afternoon correcting my bookkeeping & banking errors.  Sunghee headed to set, I walked to fetch Kaelin from school.  Chatted with Huntress.

Back home Kaelin & I watched the latest Game of Thrones episode.  Then he did homework and I did bookkeeping for February.  Almost caught up!

Before bed we packed for our weekend getaway.  Was well asleep before Sunghee returned from set.