For Thursday our workout will be front squats. You will execute two sets of five, three sets of three and five singles. Come in prepared with numbers to start and we will perform a squat set on the three minutes. For zoomers we will figure out a tempo for you to get good squatting practice in.

Once you are finished you have two options: 1. Do the cool down or 2. Go for a mile run.  The choice is in your hands, how do you want to finish your lifting day?


Warm up/ Tech

10/10 Hip swings

5/5 back lunges

3 pause goblet squats

Then build up your front squat


Front Squat



We will be lifting on the three minutes

For zoomers we will add a tempo so you get quality squat practice in

Cool down or finisher?

Trunk rotations

Hip swings

Downward dog

Cobra pose


1 mile run