Just like that and it is time for another make up day. As always you can make up a workout you missed, work on developing a skill, or can take on the added workout of the day which is hero Hansen. I was very inspired by Corey’s blog: the dark side of CrossFit and if you have not read it yet check it out. I think there is some real value there.

Abundance Vs Wanting

Are you training from a place of abundance or from a space of wanting? I have seen both stories play out. Usually the person who feels incomplete or wanting keeps finding the next thing and never really acknowledges the bright spots along the way. They get there first pull up, but won’t be good enough until a muscle up. Gets there double unders but that does not matter because they can’t yet get ten. And this cycle rinse and repeats.  They are never able to find joy because there is always something missing.

Whereas the person coming from abundance can enjoy the process and little victories along the way, it is not just about the destination but whom you become in the process that matters.  To help foster this mind set look at yourself in the mirror and think what are the things you like most about yourself?  Now the trick is to use your training to help enhance those things.  I like that I am very resilient, so when hard things come up on a training day it is my opportunity to show that. This idea also goes beyond the gym and into life. I have and will continue to overcome barriers and obstacles.

I hope this exercise gets to the person in need because training can become really fun with just a subtle change in mind set.  I am looking forward to seeing you on zoom and in the open gym.



  1. 15 minute AMRAP

20 push ups

50 squats


  1. Deadlift



  1. 20 minute AMRAP

20 cal row

15 ring dip

10 TGU 35/50


  1. Hero Hansen


30 kbs 1.5 pood/ 2 pood

30 burpees

30 GHD Sit ups