Thursday will be time for another Make up Day. As always you have a chance to do a workout you missed, practice a skill, or take on one of the alternative options. Your two alternatives are Empower Reset #15 and under pressure. Take a look at those two as you are thinking about what you will do tomorrow. We look forward to seeing you on zoom, in the open gyms, and group classes.

Quick announcement:

Empower Annual Award Ceremony 2pm Saturday July 24th

2pm Saturday July 24th at the 3 willows in Jericho Beach Park we will hold our annual award celebration.  This year it will be a picnic potluck and we will be presenting awards not only to the winners of our first annual COVID Games (and they are great awards) but also the long overdue 2021 Spirit of the Open award as voted by you, our members! We look forward to seeing you Saturday.

Thought of the Day

With the weekend approaching I am really looking forward to the potluck and covid games awards. The thing that has been missing for me is the community events. I hope we can get back to having  more of them and bring that fun element of Empower back.  Thinking back to some of my favourite times at the gym most of them involved the barbeque and many laughs.

Longer time members will remember the twelve days of Christmas events, and the open workouts on Saturday mornings. These are the times when the community is at its very brightest. With members being able to meet those they never workout with and being able to support each other through a tough workout. Training is not only about the workouts but is also about surrounding yourself with great people on the same journey as you.

There won’t be a workout on Saturday but we hope you will be able to come and enjoy some great company.


  1. 4 rnds

100m Lunge

300m Run


  1. Clean & Jerk



  1. Strict HSPU and Row

10 Minute amrap

10 Strict HSPU

20 Pulls on the rower

Score = Calories


  1. Empower reset # 15

1 Min Belly Breathing Hands & Knees

30/30 Head nods/ rotations


3 minute

Frog rolls


3 min

20 Gait bugs

10 windshield wipers


4 rounds

Hand & Knee box crawl

Leopard box crawl


3 rounds

30 sec Hanging Hold

30 sec goblet squat hold


2 mins Alt KB TGU

400m Double KB Carry AFSAP

2 Alt KB TGU for every break taken


  1. Under Pressure

100-80-60-40-20: DU

50-40-30-20-10: Sit-ups

25-20-15-10-5: Deadlifts 105/155#

  • Leon