On Thursday it will be time for another Make up day. You will have an opportunity to do a workout you missed, develop a skill or try one of the extra options. For the additional choices you have forty minutes of slips and a couplet of box jumps and handstand push ups.  Make a good life choice that your future self will thank you for.


If you will be joining us from zoom land or in the gym have a good look at the options below. Come in prepared with an idea of what you would like to tackle and we are happy to help you with the rest. We look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

Thought of the day

Who other than you will be affected by you reaching your fitness goals?

I love this question because to me fitness and community go hand and hand.  In the beginning training maybe an individual Pursuit but you will soon learn the positive impact it can have on the people in your life.  Looking around the gym it is amazing to see all the relationships that started inside the walls and have flourished outside of them. But it’s not limited to just your training partners, you being responsible for your health and fitness  can positively impact those you love most.

My favourite personal bests are those that happen in our members lives. It can be as simple as helping a friend move without back pain, being able to play with your kids on the play ground, or being able to do the sport you love again. While we want your time at the gym to be the best hour of your day, hopefully it makes all the other hours better too.  Who is someone important to you that you would love to share the gift of fitness with?


  1. Amrap (10 Min)

10 DB HPC 45/75#

10 DB Push ups


  1. 1000m row

30 C2B

10 OHS 65/95#

20 C2B

20 OHS 65/95#

10 C2B

30 OHS 65/95#

1000m row


  1. Deadlift



  1. 40 Minutes of SLIPS


  1. 50 Box Jumps 20/24



40 Box Jumps


30 Box Jumps


20 Box Jumps


10 Box Jumps


  • Leon