To double DT or not to double DT? That is Sunday’s true question.

Lucky for you, when you are making the choice you will still remember what regular DT feels like. The goal with today’s post is not to tell you to do it or not do it. The goal is to empower you and help you make the best decision for your fitness.

To back track, I have done double DT twice before. Finishing both times with the second getting a six almost seven minute personal best. So I have nothing against the bigger version of DT. Even recently I completed the heavy version, and yes that is a humble brag. But this time attempting the double version of this bench mark was not right for me. I got to seven and a half rounds and that was enough. It felt more like a test then training for me on the day.

While you are reading this blog and deciding which version of DT is right for you on Sunday, start by 1. Thinking about how your body is feeling. We have had quite a few big workouts back tok. 2.  bacLook at your previous DT time and gauge how close it is to the video of Annie Thorisdottir. 3. Think about what you would like to get out of Sundays training session. I will be there to support you with your decision and make sure you come out the other side with a heck of a workout and a bit fitter.

Because, the beginning of class will be talking about which version will be right for each of us I have added double , regular, and heavy versions of DT to Zenplanner. You have the question and on Sunday we will be looking for the right answer.

Sunday workout

H:00 Warm up

1 min shoulder pass throughs

1 min OS push

1 min leopard crawl

1 min full body rock

1 min bear crawl

1 min hip swings


Clean drops and jerks




Push Jerk


Double DT

10 rnds

12 deadlift


6 Push Jerks


Note: we will have regular and heavy dt as options

Cool down

Belly breathing



Wrist stretch

Child pose