The 18th they told us.  Gyms and bars must stay closed until January 18th while most other businesses carry on either with some or no capacity restrictions.  Are these measures actually slowing the spread of Omicron?  Not according to the data.  With COVID cases rising in BC and other provinces returning to full shut down mode, is a January 18th reopening realistic?

Mr. Fantastic thinks so.  This weekend, on his birthday, Mr. Fantastic sent me a gift: his vote of confidence that a January 18th reopening is plausible.  According to him, rising Omicron cases are having little impact on hospitalizations.  He described hospital COVID cases as flat. 

This news buoyed my spirits enough that I dared a quick glance at the COVID news for confirmation of these glad tidings.  What I found were doom and gloom headlines reporting that case counts are up and so are hospitalizations.  So who is right, Mr. Fantastic or the news?  Before the conspiracy theorists jump on board, please consider that hospitalizations among a largely vaccinated Vancouver population may remain largely flat whilst hospitalizations in other regions like the Fraser Valley and the Interior, where fewer people are vaccinated, may account for the rising case count?

If so, what does that mean for us?  This shutdown was mandated by the province, not by our local health authority as the original 2020 shut down was. Will the provincial health authority allow the local health authorities to set their own standards after January 18th.  Or will the whole province contintinue to be governed by the same restrictions regardless of regional differences?

These are very uncertain times.  What is certain is that we are going to carry on training as best we can within the guidelines set for us.  Many members have reached out to us regarding gyms that have remained open in defiance of the current orders.  We are sympathetic to the courageous stand made by these entrepreneurs but it is more than a matter of fines levied by enforcement agents.  At least one of these gyms has had its business license revoked.  While they may appeal this in court, it may take years to see their case resolved, years in which they will be unable to serve their loyal members. 
While we are morally supportive of taking a stand in the face of what feels to us arbitrary and unfair persecution of our industry, we remain committed to doing right by you, our members and that means not taking any actions that would unnecessarily jeopardize your ability to access the gym once restrictions are lifted.

The uncertainty does take a toll but we await January 18th with hope for good news while bracing for the possibility of the opposite.  Thank you for bearing with us during these uncertain times.  Keep joining us on Zoom! 


Monday WOD
We’re going to team up for today’s workout with someone not on your zoom screen.  Pick a friend.  In minute 1, partber A will perform 20 cross crawl marches while partner B does dead bugs.  When A is finished, switch roles.  If you both finish in under a minute, rest until minute 2 and repeat with the next exercises.

We are going to play today’s 3 round workout for time but we have a very special pairing of movements to keep our early finishers etertained.

Warm Up
2 Rounds:

Partner A Partner B
Min 1: 20 Cross Crawl March Dead Bugs
Min 2: 20 Cross Crawl Squat Windshield Wipers
Min 3: 20 Cross Crawl Reverse Lunge Lying Hip Raises
Min 4: 20 Calf Raises Judo Push Up Rocks
Min 5: 20 Step Overs Bird Dogs

DU- cross crawl march, jump overs, step overs, penguin claps, calf raises
Ground to Overheads
Sit Ups

3 Rounds:
100 DU
50 Alt. DB Snatch
25 Sit Ups

Max Rounds
Back Crawls both directions
10 OS Neck ½ Rolls