5 Rounds
12 Deadlift @155#
9 Hang Power Cleans @155#
6 Push Jerk @155#

This is a tough one.  We did it recently and at 155# I found it heavy.

But today this one was RX’d as either Double DT (10 rounds) or Heavy DT (205#).

I love to do the WODs RX’d as much as I am able.  Doesn’t everyone?

The question is should we?  In the pursuit of the coveted RX many CrossFitters and many CrossFit coaches do more harm than good.  Though it may bruise the ego, some days it is better to scale the WOD according to your actual ability level.  We are after all trying to optimize your fitness not break you.  And yes you can get excellent fitness results scaling the WODs.  As you get stronger you will move gradually toward RX.

5 Rounds of DT at 155# is tough for me.  10 rounds at that load sounds dangerous.  Last summer I suffered an overuse strain to my forearm from heavy, high volume Hang Power Cleans.  It was a simple case of one rep too many.  I was fine until I wasn’t.  I strained for that one final rep and felt the damage as it happened.  It was minor.  Just a strain.  But we use our grip a lot in CrossFit so it was a long bothersome recovery.     10 rounds or 90 reps at 155# sounds like a recipe for disaster.  Suitable for the CrossFit Games athletes perhaps but not for me.

Heavy DT?

I’ve done Hang Power Cleans at 205# before and I know I can push jerk that weight.  I tested it out.  And found it was too heavy.  What to do?

Regular old DT again?  No, I wanted variation.  I wanted some weight but I also wanted to go fast.  So here is how I scaled:

Round 1 @185# (heavy & slow)
Round 2 @165# (still fairly heavy & slow)
Round 3 @135# (moderate weight and speed)
Round 4 @105# (Fast & light)
Round 5 @75# (Very fast and light)

I got to practice heavy, I got to practice going unbroken.  Admittedly, 75# was too light but 105# was perfect.  The volume was low, I got some strength work and some speed work and a great workout.  I will use a format like this again in future.

In the gym Ego = Injury.

Use appropriate loading for your ability level.  In our rush to compare ourselves with others it is all too easy to lose sight of this.  But it will be the key to your longevity and success!

“…it must be understood that the CrossFit workouts are extremely demanding and will tax the capacities of even the world’s best athletes. You would be well advised to take on the WOD carefully, cautiously, and work first towards completing the workouts comfortably and consistently before “throwing” yourself at them 100%. The best results have come for those who’ve “gone through the motions” of the WOD by reducing recommended loads, reps, and sets while not endeavoring towards impressive times for a month before turning up the heat. We counsel you to establish consistency with the WOD before maximizing intensity.”  – from CrossFit.com, “Getting Started”

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