Packed my backpack with a bunch of books and headed out to UBC so that you could enjoy a bit of visual diversity in my demo WOD videos.  The longhouse totem poles seemed an appropriate back drop for this quick Tabata WOD.  I only hit myself in the head twice with the back swings (personal best).  The weighted sit ups felt good and the burpees were lovely on the springy grass with a fresh breeze off the water to keep me cool throughout the 16 minute WOD.

Afterwards I finished up with some gymnastics skill practice.  The outdoor WODs are much more conducive to tumbling practice than the hard gym floor so I am able to squeeze in about 3 tumbling sessions per week without my body feeling beat up.  I accumulate some bruises and scrapes due to stones and twigs stabbing into me occasionally but generally, the soft, springy turf is a very favourable training environment.

I realized that we’ve grown comfortable with Almond Park but that it makes our demo videos a bit monotonous and you, our poor home-bound viewers, deserve a change of scenery!  Especially since Vancouver’s West Side offers up so many postcard-worthy venues.  In coming WODs we’ll try to mix it up a bit more because we’re committed to keeping you entertained.

Warm up
10/10 TGU ( first 4 no weight)
20 frog jumps
20 bear crawl steps

KB swings
Weighted sit ups

Tabata burpees
Tabata weighted sit ups
Tabata KB Swings
Tabata burpees

There is no rest between Tabatas
Try to tie or get more reps in your second burpee Tabata
Score= total reps and post break down in your notes