The rope climb.  A challenging movement for many of us.  But in CrossFit it comes in a variety of flavours.  There is the regular rope climb which is a cinch if you know how to foot pinch.  Things get trickier however when HQ calls for a Legless Rope Climb.  Once you learn to kip with the hips it is not as bad.  Until they program the L-Sit Rope Climb.  That`s when things start to get spicy.

But what about when HQ programs all three in the same WOD?  Three flavours of rope climb and nothing else!

There is going to be frustration.  There is going to be challenge.  There is going to be forearm pain.

Not an easy day for any of us.  How many of us here on Dunbar Street in Vancouver can do this one truly RX’d.  The Touch.  And that’s about it.  Bruiser and Sandman were as close to RX as safety allowed.  The rest of us muddled through with the modifications best suited to us.
Good job getting in to battle through this one!  I did not love it any more than you did.  But CrossFit isn’t about doing what you love.  Indeed, the biggest fitness gains come from doing what you are weakest at.