Rope Climbs, Pistols and Double Unders. For many of us these CrossFit movements present significant challenges so today’s WOD, a 20 minute AMRAP gave us 20 dedicated minutes of practice on this chilly but dry Vancouver morning.

At 8am it was Magnum who RX’d it turning in a score of 7+ rounds!
CrossFit Empower Double Under (2)CrossFit Empower PistolCrossFit Vancouver Rope Climb (2)
Motor, G-Money, Quicksilver & HHH all RX’d the rope climb & DU scaling only the pistols
CrossFit Dunbar Rope Climb (1)  CrossFit Empower Double Under (1)  CrossFit Empower Rope Climb (1)
And G-Money & Quicksilver finished off the class by conquering another weakness as they both nailed their firs RX’d HSPU!

At 9am Open Gym Mr. Fantastic completed the WOD also scaling only the Pistols
CrossFit Vancouver DUIMG_5090
10am Super Mario & Dangers RX’d the whole thing!
Doc Disc RX’d all but the pistols.  PomPom, Jersey & Peril demonstrated improving foot pinches and got some quality DU practice.
CrossFit Dunbar Postol
Shine RX’d the rope climbs with ease, completed her sets of DU’s unbroken and is just a few pounds away from her RX’d pistols!  Very exciting!

Another day of break throughs and personal bests on Dunbar Street!  Want to be part of the excitement?