With all the craziness going on right now we have some good news from trulocal! They have sent us a new promo code. Keep it close especially if the number of cases keeps climbing.

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Use gym code EMPOWERFIT and the code  will be active until the new year.
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Now it is time for the make up day additional workout. We have many good workouts for you to choose from. The added workout is ten rounds thirty second working and thirty seconds resting. The movements will be burpees and dumbbell thrusters. We have done this one before it is a great workout and you will get a good sweat.



See you on zoom and in the open gym on Thursday.



QOD: go to meal?

  1. Larry


Front squat 75/115#

Bar facing burpees

200m sandbag carry 50/80#


  1. On a 15 minute clock

0:00-3:00 and  8:00-11:00 400m Run + Max pull ups

4:00-7:00 and 12:00-15:00  400m Run + Max clean and Jerk 105/155#


  1. Kelly Brown

5 rnds

440m row

10 Box Jumps 24/30”

10 Deadlifts 185/275#

10 Wall Balls 20/30#


  1. 10 rounds

30 sec burpees

30 sec rest

30 sec dumbbell thrusters

30 sec rest

Score you max reps