It Is Make up day Tuesday. We have hero Michael, bench press, and a 12 minute amrap of squat cleans and strict chest to bar pull ups. That last one is really cool. I liked that, once you get to five reps you go back down to one and try it all over again until twelve minutes is done. You have all seen those so let’s talk about the make up day option.

Five rounds of fifteen American kettlebell swings and a two hundred meter waiter’s walk or two minutes single arm overhead hold. For the waiters walk you can alternate arms as needed just please bring the weight down to your shoulders when you changes sides.  Equipment wise this is a piece of cake, you just need one kettlebell, dumbbell, back pack, etc. If the object that you are swinging is too awkward to take overhead, on the kettlebell swings, you can switch to a Russian swing ( Chest to Face Height).


Along with all the fun stuff, we also have a covid update below. Most notable things to me are: keeping 3 meters distance between exercising members, 2 meters between non exercising members, Masks at all time, No spotting of weights except with members from the same household, doors/ windows open and no congregating before or after.  Good news for us, we have been doing these things! Now we all need to hold each other accountable and make our way to the other side of this thing. There is light at the end of the tunnel. we got this!

There are some fun workouts for you to choose from tomorrow. We look forward to seeing you on zoom and in the open gym.


  1. Michael

3 rnds

800m Run

50 Back Extensions

50 Sit-ups


  1. Bench press



  1. 12 Min Amrap


Squat Cleans 125/185#

Strict C2B


  1. 5 rounds

15 KB s 1/1.5 pood

200m Waiter walk or 2 minute single arm overhead hold