Tuesday will be an opportunity to take on a workout you missed, work on a skill, or take down one of the makeup day options.  For option four it will be an opportunity to work on some Russian kettlebell swings and strict handstand push-ups. Option number five is a classic forty minutes of: stretching, L-sits, inversions, planks, and scales.

Make sure you choose wisely as we have some last chance qualifier and hero workouts coming your way after the make up day. As always open gym, zoomers, and group classes we will make sure you get a good training session in.

Thought of the day

I forgot how great it is to get away. Over the weekend I was able to fly out to Calgary and meet my family for a nice four day vacation. It was a great chance to eat, read, relax, and take a little time off work to help recharge. I have found it hard for me to disconnect from the Gym. It has been especially hard with the last year and a half. The time off was definitely more needed than I realized. Putting my full effort into training and my business has been easy (maybe more simple than easy) but the recovery and space away are the places I personally struggle.  How about you?  Is working hard the challenge or is it getting your recovery in order?

To level up some times it not just about working harder but also working smarter. We look forward to seeing you on zoom, in the group classes, and in the open gyms.  Enjoy this footage of me on vacation:



  1. Row & Floor press

500m Row

30 BW Bench press

1000m Row

20 BW Bench Press

2000m Row

10 Bw  Bench Press


  1. 12 minute amrap


Weighted MU 14/20#


Med Ball clean 14/20#


  1. Deadlift



  1. Russian Swings & Strict HSPU

5 Rnds

10 Russian KBS

1 strict HSPU”s

15 Russian KBS

2 strict HSPU’s

25 Russian KBS

3 strict HSPU’s

50 Russian KBS

1 minute rest between rounds

Weight for swings= 1/ 1.5 pood


  1. 40 Minutes of SLIPS


  • Double T