And you thought the Zoolander clip was a clever joke.  Leon and I bring many skills to our coaching practice but technological savvy is not among them.  Back in 2010 I remember coaching a group class through a power outage and bragging that the only tech I depended on to do my job was a wrist watch.  My how 2020 has changed that!  Online registration and WOD logging, Zoom, mic and camera, Sonos, WordPress, Instagram, Facebook, TV screen….Times have changed.  Evolve or die.  So we’re trying to break free of our dinosaur habits so we don’t get wiped out by the meteor of progress.

So we were not surprised with this week’s Zen Planner changes to run into a few glitches.  We didn’t know what they might be but considering our track record with tech we knew there’d be something.  Thanks for bearing with us!  Basically February first we set up your memberships to sync with Zen Planner’s online billing.  This required us to create a new membership for each one of you.  Yup, that entailed a lot of entertaining hours in front of a computer screen.  We allowed an overlap with your old membership in order that you would be able to access classes Monday but that meant February first you had 2 memberships.  To avoid you being double billed, Monday afternoon once we were sure the new memberships and billing were working I deleted your old membership.  Unfortunately we discovered that all your previously made bookings were tied to the old membership so that even though your new membership works, any bookings you made with the old one are now gone from the system.  Everything seems obvious in hindsight.  Well, we knew there’d be something

Everything should work moving forward but that doesn’t mean there won’t be the occasional glitch.  Zen Planner has very robust backend administrative features but it would be generous to call our skill level in wielding them novice.  I believe 2020 has already given us many opportunities to debunk that old theory about learning new tricks: Old dogs can indeed learn them, we may just require a slightly longer timeline.

Thanks again for your patience!

Friday WOD
Not much equipment required for this one.  T2B can be replaced with hanging knee raises or, if you’ve no place to hang, with lying hip raises, bring your legs down to parallel with the floor each rep without letting them touch the ground.  Push ups are a great substitute if you have no rings for performing dips.  As for the row, it will be roughly equivalent to a 1 mile run or 8 minutes on a bike.  You could even do 8 minutes of skipping or running in place.

Warm Up
1 min Judo Push Up Rock
1 min Full Body Rock
1 min Cross Crawl Squats
1 min Cross Crawl Squat Jumps
1 min Hanging Leg Raises

Movement alternatives

3 Attempts at:
Max T2B
Max Ring Dips
Broad Jump

2000m Row

Cool Down
Lat Stretch
Banded tricep stretch
Banded shoulder pass throughs
Banded Hamstring stretch