July 6 2015

Woke to 4:15am alarm.  Not quite 8 hours sleep. (0)

chicken burger & coleslaw, berries & coconut milk, cranberry juice (+2)

Vancouver still trapped in a haze of smoke.

After breakfast I walked up Dunbar Street to work (-1).  Not loving the smoke but it is blocking the sun somewhat preserving us from the sweltering heat we were promised.  A small blessing.

100 L Pull Ups on the menu for today’s CrossFit Group Classes.  Dangers, Dr. T & Bruiser all finished RX’d with respectable times.  Though Quicksilver & Taskmaster did not do the L-Pull Ups, like Shades they both finished all 100 Pull Ups RX’d and that’s an accomplishment worth noting in itself:)

Breakfast 2
As above minus juice

Big Boss back from his cruise so we got caught up a bit.  I spent the morning catching up on work and even trying to get ahead a bit.

chicken burger & spicy radish, berries & coconut milk

After the noon class I prepared nervously for CrossFit Hero WOD PK

5 Rounds:
10 Back Squat @225#
10 Deadlift @275#
400m Run
2 minute rest

Obviously I was concerned about my back especially on the back squat.  Decided to do the women’s weights: 155 & 195# respectively.  Still nervous.  Used a low bar back squat.  Took my time averaging 9.5 minutes per round.  Did each lift in sets of 4-3-3 with breaks between.  there is certainly a tightness in my right side glutes but no pain in the back.  Did the and felt healthy. last round in sets of 5.  Finished at 51:38 feeling great about it.  I really did stop at the right time with that back tweak last week.  Feel like no damage was done.  If I am careful for a few days more I should be back to full speed in no time. (-3)

Post WOD
Coconut water (+1), chicken burger & spicy radish, berries & coconut milk, banana (+1)

After a shower more work.

A surprise visit from Salt.  How we’ve missed her!

chicken burger & coleslaw, berries & coconut milk

Then the evening classes came in and who else visited?  Former CrossFit Vancouver athlete Amielle who just became a new mom!  So happy for her:)

At 7pm our first On-Ramp class had an average age of 12 and they were great!  Really excited for these young athletes.  They really give it their all and don’t seem to harbour the fears that most adult beginners do.  And they learn fast!

Skipper & Tamahock have their family doing a 21-Day Real Food Challenge of their own and when Kaelin heard of it he was inspired to challenge Sunghee & I to the same starting tomorrow.  Great to see him thinking about nutrition.  He’s already plotting his activity levels to balance out the junk food sure to be eaten on an upcoming sleepover.  He’s also trash talking me via text:)  I am so happy to see him enjoying working out with the other kids his age.

After work Big Cat gave me a lift home.  I ate again.  Sunghee & Kaelin told me about the fun they had at MakMama’s birthday party.  Since The Touch & I cannot appear at the same place at the same time it was probably best that I was not there.

Dinner 2
chicken burger & coleslaw, berries & coconut milk, blueberries from Taskmaster!

Daily Totals
Sleep 0
Sun 0
Food +4
Walk -1
WOD -3

Balance 0