Our mindset plays a crucial role in shaping our experiences and determining our success. It’s not about our challenges but how we approach them. I don’t often talk or write much mindset, but it is something I practice and weave into my daily life, focusing on key aspects such as overcoming pain, dealing with adversity, compartmentalizing, acknowledging negative thoughts, being present, and adopting a purposeful approach to the task at hand.

  1. Overcoming Pain: Life inevitably brings pain and hardships. While away on vacation, I snapped something in my good knee, and for a while, I had to use a cane to help me walk as I could not put much weight on my leg. Instead of succumbing to pain, I viewed it as an opportunity for growth. I embraced the discomfort, learned from it, and did not allow it to dictate the rest of my vacation.
  2. Dealing with Adversity: Adversity is inevitable in life, but it’s important to approach it positively. As some of you know, the top 25% of athletes from the CrossFit Open will move on to the quarterfinals in April. I have been working towards this goal for the past 6 years. Now, with my knee so finicky, I may have to scale some of the movements in the workouts.
  3. Compartmentalizing: When faced with challenges, learning how to compartmentalize your emotions and thoughts is important. This doesn’t mean ignoring or suppressing them but acknowledging them and moving on.
  4. Acknowledging Negative Thoughts but Moving On: Who doesn’t experience negative thoughts? Do not let them influence your mindset. Instead, accept them without being critical and know they do not define you. Learn to let go of negativity and focus on being positive.
  5. Being Present: Focus on the present moment instead of dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. Being mindful of the present fosters gratitude and fulfillment.
  6. Purposeful Approach: Adopt a purposeful approach to your task, whatever this may be. This will cultivate a driven, focused, and resilient mindset, which will help you overcome challenges.
  7. Unleashing Your Full Potential: Embrace the idea that external factors or circumstances do not limit your potential. Instead, your mindset determines how much you can unlock your full potential. Empower yourself to be your very best in every situation.


Today’s workout is a classic CrossFit benchmark. For an advanced athlete, each round is a sprint. Put your foot on the gas pedal and hold on. The load of the barbell is light enough that you should push to maintain unbroken sets for all 3 rounds. Remember to stand up completely on top of the box in the box jumps. Newer athletes should reduce the deadlift load to a weight that can be completed in 2 sets or less while maintaining good technique.

Dynamic Warm-up | 10:00 | H:02 – :12

On a 10:00 running clock, perform AMRAP of the following movements:
300-m row
10 banded good mornings
10 glute bridges
10 banded deadlifts
10 box step-ups

Tech | 2:00 | H:12 – :15

The Deadlift

The Box Jump

Specific Warm-up | 10:00 | H:15 – :25

3-5 deadlifts at light weight
3-5 deadlifts at moderate weight
3-5 deadlifts at bodyweight or 60% – 65% of your 1RM
10 box jumps

WOD | Target: 15 – 20 minutes | H:25 – :45


3 rounds for time of:
500-meter row
12 bodyweight deadlifts
21 box jumps

Intermediate option:

3 rounds for time of:
500-meter row
12 deadlifts
21 box jumps
♀ 20 in, 105 lb
♂ 24 in, 155 lb

Beginner option:

3 rounds for time of:
400-meter row
9 deadlifts
15 box jumps
♀ 18 in, 55 lb
♂ 20 in, 75 lb

Finisher | 4:00 | H:45 – :49

400-m dual KB Farmer’s carry (35#/50#)

Stretching | 6:00 | H:49 – :55

Post squat Cobra pose
Figure 4s
Hamstring stretch
Child’s pose