Congratulations, you’ve put 2020 behind you.  A new year has begun!
It is easy to be intoxicated by the exciting prospect of a fresh start but remember, resolutions made in the celebratory flush of optimism on New Year’s Day fade fast in the frigid dark of a February morning.

Motivation doesn’t last.  Inspiration will abandon you.  Excitement becomes monotony.  Resolutions are quickly forgotten in the face of life’s obstacles and interruptions.

Developing a fitness habit requires something beyond motivation, inspiration and excitement.  It requires stoic determination, grit and a stubborn refusal to be waylaid by any of the obstacles life will inevitably throw in your path.  It requires you to be completely unreasonable.

What do I mean by unreasonable?  Life will give you a hundred reasons why you cannot make it to the gym today.  You are tired.  Family obligations.  Workload.  Injury.  Project deadline looming.  Busy schedule. 

Being unreasonable means having all those reasons not to train and more and then going to get your workout done anyhow.  Reasonable people do not accomplish audacious goals.  Only unreasonable people do.  If you want to accomplish a goal of a new you in the new year, you are going to have to get unreasonable.

If you want results in 2021 and you are willing to get unreasonable in order to accomplish them, we have the challenge for you:

Unstoppable 20 in 2021
– Complete and log 20+ workouts per month every month in 2021.
– To qualify, your attendance and/or WOD result must be tracked in Zen Planner (that’s how we count)
– Your 20 workouts must occur on 20 different days (you do not get credit for doing multiple workouts in a single day)
– Zoom workouts count!

Shine, Shades, Sprite, Dauntless, Fierce, HHH and Smash all successfully completed this challenge in 2020 despite the gym being closed for 2 months and having limited equipment access.  They overcame injuries and surgeries, dealt with family strife and battled lack of inspiration and the powerful desire to just give up.  And they triumphed. They proved that it is possible to be unreasonable in the face of extreme obstacles. And they finished the year fitter and discovered something very valuable about themselves: they each possess the heart of a champion!

This year it is your turn to be a champion!  Today is day one of a brand new, unreasonable, unstoppable you!

New Year’s Day WOD
A technical lifting WOD is a great way to start the New Year.  It is a low intensity day so members attending the 9am open gym can safely follow along with the Zoom class if desired.

Equipment: PVC Pipe and Barbell

Warm Up
Scap Rock
Full Body Rock
Shoulder Pass Throughs
Girard Warm Up

Hang Squat Snatch

Hang Squat Snatch

Cool Down
Post Squat
Samson Lunge Stretch