We have 15 Empower members still in the running for the title of Unstoppable in 2021 including 9 unstoppable mothers because no one is as tough as a mother!

KMT, Silk, DT, Sprite, Hard Rock, Jedi, HHH, Smash, Shades, Gymkata, AV, Magnum, Shine, Dauntless & Venom all have recorded 20+ workouts per month for the first 4 months (one third of the year) of 2021!

Great work team, keep up that Unstoppable momentum!

The Hard Rock Triangle
Speaking of tough mothers, if you look at our Unstoppable list you’ll notice something: Almost a third of our contenders are in some way associated with Hard Rock. Sprite & Hard Rock completed fundamentals together in 2014. Hard Rock referred DT to Empower and DT referred Jedi to Empower.  All of them are Unstoppable.  Coincidence?  I think not!  If you wanted, you could stretch this a bit to point out that Smash & Hard Rock used to be noon buddies and Smash is of course married to HHH. Gymkata, Sprite, Silk & Hard Rock were all also part of the Empower team that attended the 2019 CanWest Games.  Does being associated with Hard Rock somehow make you Unstoppable?  I think it may be possible!

And while we’re on that subject, this weekend Hard Rock has been smashing through the CrossFit 2021 Age Group Online Qualifiers. She is the only Empower athlete to make it to this year’s quarterfinals. This means that she scored in the top 10% worldwide for her age division!  With the help of judge-extraordinaire and another tough mother Fierce, Hard Rock has had some great performances so far this weekend including some personal bests! Way to represent Hard Rock!

But even though you and I didn’t qualify for this year’s quarterfinals, we are still going to have some great fun because we have an upcoming Empower exclusive competition for you to participate in:

Empower COVID Games 2021
The Empower COVID Games will include 3 team workouts over 3 weeks with one work out released each week. Teams will have the whole week to complete. We will release the workout details Sunday evening and you will have until the following Sunday evening to complete the workout and submit your team score. Workouts will have built in scaling and equipment-free options so athletes of every level (yes, even you!) can participate on the same team.

Athletes from a given team must do the WOD at the same time.  If you are from different households you will be required to use different stations and equipment maintaining safe social distancing. You may also participate via zoom, you do not have to be in the same space.

Each workout must be scored by a judge from another participating team who can be present in the gym or on zoom to validate the workout results before submitting it to the head judge.

Teams will be ranked against each other but prizes will be awarded based on age divisions determined by the age in combined years of your 3 participating athletes as of May 31 2021:

1) 90 years or less = Diaper Division
2) 91-120 years = Spring Chickens
3) 121-150 years = 40 Is The New 20
4) 151-180 years = Hey Kid, Get Off My Lawn!
5) 180+ years = I’ve Fallen And I Can’t Get Up

What you need to participate:
1) A team of three
2) A team name
3) Your combined aged in years as of May 31 2021
4) A fun attitude and playful spirit
5) Someone from another team to judge you

We have a lot of newer members and remote members looking for teammates, please reach out and help them get involved! Smash has volunteered to be the official Games Commissioner helping make sure that everyone has a team to play on. Please let your coach know if you are not yet on a team and we’ll put you in touch with Smash.

We will be emailing out your team registration form today, please notify us if you did not receive it. There is no cost to participate. Please fill out and return your form ASAP to [email protected]. If you need a team or your team is looking for a third, let us know and we’ll match you up!

Monday WOD

Equipment: Dumbbell or equivalent, rope or rope climb substitute

Warm Up
5 min AMRAP
10 Alt Get Ups
10/10 DB Bent Over Rows L/R

Legless Rope Climb or Alternative

3 Rounds
12/12 DB TGU
3 Legless Rope Climbs

Cool Down