February only gave us 28 days to squeeze in 20 training sessions.  Some Unstoppable contenders from January dropped off in the dark second month of the year.  Others managed strong attendance but fell just a couple days shy of the 20 session target. 

But a big contingent managed to hang on and get it done despite the challenges of a shortened month.  Here’s our list of Unstoppable 20 in 2021 contenders still in the running:

Last year’s champs Dauntless, Smash, Sprite, Fierce, Shades, Shine and HHH are still in it as if any of us would bet against them at this point.  But this year they find themselves in the company of some strong competition from: Venom, AV, Magnum, Jedi, Hard Rock, Sandman, Silk, DT and KMT.

That’s 16 contenders vying for the 2021 title and it should be noted that quite a few of the names on our list didn’t just eke out the minimum 20 training sessions in February but actually exceeded their goal by a decent margin.

With the hardest month behind them, the next obstacle our contenders face is spring break.  In years past this has meant out of town family vacations but this year might be different as travel restrictions may keep most of us home and on track for getting our 20 workouts in.  If our 16 can continue their run through the end of the month getting 20 out of 31 possible training days in, they will be 25% of the way to the finish line!

I did a very careful recount of all our challengers who came close to, but didn’t quite make, the 20 session target in February but as ever, if you believe you should still be in contention and did in fact log 20 training days in February please let me know and I will go back and do a third count.

Keep up the great work team!

Wednesday WOD
This is a very short but fun and intense workout.  We cannot run a group class through it together but given the brevity, we can safely attack it in heats of 2-2-3 in the gym plus Zoomers.  This will allow more of us to access the lifting platform and use the barbells of our choice.  For this reason, lifting platforms will be reserved for members doings today’s WOD.  Warm ups can be done at other stations.  When the platform is available, we will call you up.  Zoomers, it will be easy to play along.  The lighter your weight, the more reps you will get through.  When you are done you can cheer on your fellow Zoomers and members attacking the WOD in the gym.  Brace yourself for a very exciting day!

Equipment: Barbell or alternative, PVC pipe or alternative.

Warm Up
1 min Front Squats
1 min Shoulder Presses
1 min Squat Cleans
1 min Push Jerks
1 min Squat Clean & Jerks

Prepare for WOD weight
Strategize timing

5 min AMRAP
Squat Clean

Cool Down
Dragon/Pigeon Pose
Hip Cross Overs
Downward Dog
Scap Rock