Talk about starting the year off strong!  January saw 21 Empower members taking on the Unstoppable 20 in 2021 Challenge!
All 7 of last year’s returning champions are solidly in the running: Dauntless, Shades, Fierce, Sprite, Shine, HHH & Smash are strong contenders to repeat because 2020 already proved they are Unstoppable!

But January saw 14 strong new contenders step up to challenge for 2021’s Unstoppable title:  Venom, Motor, Magnum, AV, Electric, Gymkata, Radar, Jedi, Tarni, Livewire, Hard Rock, Sandman, DT, Badger and Silk are all in the running!  There’s no one in that group I’d be keen to bet against.

Of course, February is the toughest month and will really test who wants it.  January you could have taken 11 days off and still qualified but with only 28 days in the month, our challengers will only be able to miss up to 8 days and still remain eligible.  My bet is those who remain standing by the end of February will have a good shot at making it through the remaining 10 months of 2021.  If you haven’t hit a February workout yet, Monday February 8th is the last day you could start and still qualify provided you took no days off for the rest of the month.

Unstoppable eligibility is based on either your recorded attendance in Zen Planner (zoom or in person) or by your workouts logged in Zen Planner for the month.  Anything not appearing in Zen Planner will not be counted.  If we did not include your name in the above list and you believe that you attended 20 sessions or logged 20 workout results in the month of January please let me know and I’ll go in to recount.

Challengers keep up the great work!  February is a tough month but if you can grind through it the rest of the year will prove much easier.  Persevere!

Monday Make Up Day

1) 3 Rounds:
800m Run
30 Pull Ups
40 Push Ups
50 Squats

2) Power Clean

3) 10 mins each:

4) 3 attempts each at:
Max rep T2B
Max Rep Ring Dips
Max distance Broad Jump (feet)

2000m Row

Score = 2000m row time minus score from best attempt of each of T2B (1 rep = -1 sec), Ring Dips ( 1 rep = -1 sec), Broad Jump (1 foot = -1 sec).

5) DB Carry AFSAP
4 Times around the block with 25/35# dumbbells
Start with dumbbells overhead, when you can’t hold overhead any longer:
Hold dumbbells in rack position, hands around handles, when you can’t hold there anymore:
Carry dumbbells in farmer’s carry.

Every time you put the dumbbells down you earn 1 point, fewer points is better.