What was going on on Dunbar Street in Vancouver yesterday?

Rope Climbs, Toes to Bars & Dumbbell Squat Cleans, that’s what!  Some technically very challenging CrossFit movements that the majority of athletes need to modify.  Good job to everyone who overcame their trepidation and came in to work on developing those skills.  The journey from can’t to can is a step-by-step process and a lot of you took many solid steps forward yesterday!

5:30am A strong start to the day with Bruiser, Sandman, FeProf, Crusher, Road Warrior, Brawn & Rowdy
When you think of Sandman & Bruiser the words “can’t do” don’t often come to mind but before today neither of them could kip the toes to bar.  This morning we changed that using a technique from the CrossFit gymnastics course and both were able to string together some fine kipping T2B!

With the others we developed some good kipping mechanics transferable to the pull up.  Everyone looked great!

6:30am It was G-Money, Dangers & Terminator.  Dangers destroyed the WOD.

9:15am Shine & Doc Disc

12:00pm Hard Rock, Suave, Magnum & Salt were in at noon.  Hard Rock & Magnum went RX’d.
5:00pm MK, 2Badd, Sass & Aquagirl battled through
6:00pm It was a full house at the 6pm Open Gym but Still Waters, Super Mario & Pom Pom squeezed in to get the WOD done.

I was very satisfied at day’s end with the progress made in both the rope climb and T2B by today’s participants.  Way to go team!