CrossFit HeroWOD Sisson was on Saturday’s menu: rope climb, burpees and a run about Dunbar Street.  Luckily the Vancouver weather cooperated by remaining dry for our group classes as they came in to get this one done.
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Still Waters & Shine tied for the highest women’s score with 9 rounds each and BFG finished the the overall best with 10 rounds.
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Others completing RX’d included Fast Trak, Blossom, Doc Disc, Quicksilver & Beastor.
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Yes, you read that right, Fast Trak made her return after surviving surgery for her burst appendix, she has been much missed!
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FeProf was on a mission today.  She came in determined to get her first rope climb.  And she did!
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And speaking of determination, Dauntless came in to the open gym with plans to face her nemesis, the box jump.  And she wasn’t content to just master the 12″, she spent the better part of the hour overcoming her fear by jumping on the 15″ box!  RESPECT!
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Are you determined to make a change in your life?
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