Thinking about joining? Below are answers to frequently asked questions about participating in our upcoming Winter Fitness and Nutrition Challenge.

I have an aversion to scales of any type, do I have to do an InBody Scan to participate? 

NO! InBody Scan results help us set individual training and nutrition goals, but it is one tool of many.   If your self-esteem gets battered with numbers, then doing a scan may not help your journey at this time.   Always remember, your weight does not define your worth!  A key metric obtained from an InBody scan is your skeletal muscle mass, a critical factor in preventing bone loss as we age and a useful number to work with health-wise.  It is possible to adjust the scan setting to share only certain metrics such as your muscle mass.  If you wish, that can be done for you! An InBody Scan is a helpful marker of progress, but there is also more to the picture.  Below is a list of additional results you can obtain from taking on the Winter Fit challenge!

  • Body measurement changes, i.e., change in waist ratio
  • Body composition, i.e., look more toned.
  • Increased energy, i.e., no longer fatigued at 3pm.
  • Better mood overall. Increased confidence from seeing tasks through.
  • Change in appetite, i.e., not battling sugary food cravings.
  • Mindset shifts, overcome all-or-nothing thinking and other dietary pitfalls.
  • Eating regular meals.
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Better hydration.
  • Meals prepped. Not leaving your nutrition to chance. Cost savings!
  • Improved strength and conditioning.
  • New healthy habits, i.e., better self-care routine, and reduced screen time.

Will I have to live in a restricted fashion, measuring every morsel?  Just thinking about that makes me feel starved and overwhelmed. 

Again, No. The focus of the Winter-Fit challenge is eating a balanced plate.  That means we will prepare our meals around protein, vegetables, fruits and whole grains.   The goal is not to live in such a restricted fashion that we go off on a binge when “set free”, but rather eat in a balanced way 80% of the time.  The thing is, when you get in the habit of building your meals in this fashion, you are not hungry for junk in the same way.   We will set your protein targets and show you how to eyeball what that looks like.  Yes, we will want you to hit daily protein targets, give or takeand we will show you how to create a breakfast, lunch and dinner that is balanced and meets these targets. You can eat it on repeat or tweak it,and you will be equipped with the knowledge of what a day of balanced eating looks like for you and your goals.  Life goes up and down and the mission of this Challenge is to teach you tricks for getting back on track when life happens, like a party, a vacation, or a bad day.

What is all this Rucking about?   

Rucking is purposeful walking with a weighted pack.  It is a gem of a cardio workout that builds muscle too. Here are 4 reasons why a Ruck offers a lot of bang for its buck!

  1. It works your full body. It helps you build cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength at the same time and burns 3 x more calories than a simple walk. The added resistance of a weighted pack builds strength and durability in your legs, back, core and shoulders while simultaneously getting your heart rate up high enough to get a cardio blast.  Because the weight worn during rucking loads the frame, (e.g., shoulders, spine,) the core, back muscles, and shoulder muscles are continuously engaged to support and stabilize the load while your legs keep you moving forward.  This activity helps you build “farmer’s strength” counteracting days spent at the computer.
  2. It keeps you vital.   The strength built from rucking will keep you mobile and injury proof by buffing up your back health, posture, and hip health. Rucking with weight suitable for your body and ability let’s you build and maintain strength in the “endurance muscles,” (slow twitch muscle fibers), in the areas of your body that will keep you mobile in old age – your hips, back and core.
  3. It is fitness for real life. Rucking is one of the most natural forms of basic training.   There is plenty of evidence that walking with weight has always been a part of human life.  Think of women carrying water on their heads or sacks of rice from the field.  Rucking reinforces and strengthens the abilities we were born with and require surviving. Strong muscles in the core and spine protect our backs when we need to lift weight in awkward movements, such as yard work, or simply haul groceries into the house.
  4. It allows you to reap the additional benefits of being outside. The fresh air and vitamin D collected from an outside workout aid in our mood and sleep. Studies have shown that living near greenspaces, such as forests and parks, is associated with a significantly lower risk of cardiovascular disease.  There are no bones about it, getting outside is great for us, especially in the Winter!

Note: Challenge Rucks will include the option to add movements to the Ruck walks i.e., Ruck for 6 minutes stop and do 30 squats with ruck, Ruck for 6 minutes, stop and complete 30 shoulder to overhead with rucksack.  We will choose the option most practical for you and your goals!

What does it take to obtain a finisher’s shirt?

  • Complete the Ruck workouts either in the gym or on your own.  Send photographic evidence if done off-site.
  • Complete the card challenge.

So, what do you think? Up for the Winter Challenge?  Get extra fit with us! Register here.

Wednesday WOD

Warm up

2 rnds

L raises
Cross crawls


Agility ladder
Dot drill




12/15 cal echo bike
Max 20 minutes

Cool down