It’s time to upgrade some of our CrossFit equipment.  The big tractor tire is gone.  So is the lifting platform.  We’ve moved the shelves.  We’re still trying to sell some spare rings and bumper plates but the big pieces are gone.  It hasn’t opened the space up as much as we’d hoped but we’ll have to work with what we’ve got.

Many members have offered to contribute to financing the new toys they’d like to see added to our training space and we’d like you to have a say in which additions we purchase.  Motor has asked us to collect directly for this.

Here’s the equipment currently on our wish list:

1. Ski Erg
This is the one that everyone is excited about.  The Ski Erg won’t show up in the Open but it does show up at the Sanctional and Games level.  Empower competitors can get acquainted with it in the gym.  This will also provide members with lower body injuries another option besides Airbike, row or run for cardio workouts.

2. Upgrade to Rogue Change Plates
Our old change plates are cracking and falling apart.  Every time a member throws one to the ground, I cringe expecting to lose another cheaply made plate.  Throw them around as much as you like, the durable Rogue plates will never break.  And because of their thinner profile, will be easier to store.  They will also be perfect for use with the Rogue adjustable dumbbells.  Plus they are colour coded making them easy to distinguish.  These are the plates our athletes will use at the CanWest Games.

3. Upgrade to Eleiko Trap Bar
Trap bar farmer’s carries are great but our cheap bar is starting to bend under heavy loads and it’s awkward to load and unload.  The Eleiko trap bar is built to handle real loads and has a kickstand for quick and easy plate loading.  The open design also makes loaded farmer’s lunges possible.  But what really makes this bar a winner is its versatility.  Because it is rackable, it can be used for neutral grip pressing – a great relief if your shoulder hurts during regular barbell pressing.  It also can be used for cambered bar back squats which are great for folks who experience back pain during regular back squats.  This is an expensive bar but the price is justified by its high quality and multi-purpose applications.

4. Upgrade to Rogue War Bars
I know you’re content with our old PVC pipe, so why bother upgrading?  It’s not just because the War Bar looks cleaner, the Rogue bar diameter is actually closer to your barbell diameter so it is easier to hold correctly, it comes with markings the same as your barbell so you can learn your correct hand position and it is shorter than the PVC pipe so members won’t be whacking each other as much during warm ups.  These bars will store much more neatly and we’ll order 12 so everyone in class can get one during the warm up.  Excellence is in the little things.  How you do something is how you do everything.

  1. Rogue Adjustable Dumbbell with Bumper Plates
    OK, this one may mostly benefit our stronger members. Currently our dumbbells skip from 60 to 70lbs and we have nothing heavier than 80lbs which is limiting when HQ programs 100lb dumbbell snatches or heavy bent over dumbbell rows and we need to duct tape change plates to our 80lbers. Whether you need heavy dumbbells or not, the space savings of buying these adjustable dumbbells instead of purchasing pairs of 65, 85, 90, 95 & 100lb dumbbells benefits everyone.  And there is nor reason these cannot be loaded with 5, 10, 15, 20lb or any other weight required in WODs when we run short of specific weights.

    Which pieces of equipment do you want us to get?  You get to vote with your contribution.  Let us know which piece of equipment you want us to prioritize and how much you are willing to put toward it and we’ll order our new toys accordingly.  When we get your bid we will place our orders: [email protected]