Gymnastics (moving your body through space) has always been a big part of CrossFit but in 2019 the programming has really started to challenge us!

Gymnastics has the ability to expose your weaknesses and crush your ego.  My weakness is the L-Sit.  And this year they’ve made it harder by encouraging us to L-Sit from the floor.  Kudos to our members who have the strength to perform an L-Sit from the floor without the aid of parallettes!

For yesterday’s WOD we found it best to team up splitting the 5K row and the 7-minutes of L-Sits.  And even so, no team who RX’d the L-Sit was able to finish within the 40 minute time cap.  But it didn’t stop folks from trying.

At 5am, special visitor Hard Rock showed up and teamed up with Clue, the two of them challenging the RX version of the WOD.

With Silk & Sandman out of town, BFG & Quicksilver and HHH & Smash had a 6am show down for the title of Empower’s power couple.  In this episode BFG managed to carry his weight and match Quicksilver’s great L-Sit holds to help earn them the win.

9:15am Sprite & Mr. International had the most efficient switches in the L-Sit holds so that they barely needed to stop their 7-minute timer.

It was the noon of the lone wolves with Brick, Wolf and Run & Gun all flying solo.

5pm it was Iron Dam and the boys battling it out.

As tough as the L-Sits are, the theme of challenging gymnastics movements will continue as later this week CrossFit HQ takes one of my favourites, the inverted burpee, and ups the ante by removing the wall!  How’s that going to work out?  I’m off to the gym to test it right now.