Overhead Squats and box jumps were on the WOD Wednesday on Dunbar Street.  A tough CrossFit couplet.  And what a great turn out we had!  Among those who completed this WOD RX’d it turned out to be very competitive, a sign of how fit our community is becoming when some of our top performers see their scores taken down.  Very exciting!
CrossFit Empower Dunbar Vancouver (10)  CrossFit Empower Vancouver (9)
In their defense Still Waters, Bruiser & Sandman all attended very full classes and therefore had to share equipment therefore slowing down their times.  There is no denying they could have gone quicker in a smaller class.  But how much quicker?
CrossFit Empower Dunbar (9)
Because Super Mario & Hard Rock came in later and beat their times by solid margins.  And in Super Mario’s case he even bested The Touch’s score and The Touch did not have anyone slowing him down!
CrossFit Empower Dunbar Vancouver (9)
Super Mario’s high score did not stand for long however as Mr. Fantastic came in to not only beat him but also to set the gym record!  WOD Father thought he owned the OHS but Mr. Fantastic finished 40 seconds faster.  Great stuff!
CrossFit Empower Vancouver (4)CrossFit Empower Dunbar Vancouver (4)
Others completing RX’d included BFG & Dr. T.

But there were other performances of note.  Yeti did not complete but his OHS looked much better challenging the women’s RX’d weight.  Dauntless had no problem crushing 80 box jumps.  Adventure’s OHS seemed to open up and looked strong through 80 reps.
CrossFit Empower (2)CrossFit Empower Dunbar Vancouver (8)
There were some real victories today in Vancouver!

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