July 15 2015

Woke at 6:30am when Sunghee had to get ready for work (-2).  I also got up and got work done on laptop.  By the time she departed for work I was ready to prepare breakfast.  Kaelin & I went to IGA to get boxes & some veggies for a morning juice.

Chicken burger & coleslaw, berries & coconut milk, green juice (ginger, dandelion greens, beets, carrot, apple, parsley, celery, cranberry juice) (+2)

When I got through the bulk of my work I took some me time using it to read and do online research.  The internet is such a rich resource for information and I am thirsty for knowledge!

Kaelin & I loaded up the car and drove to Poco (+2) where we picked up 300lbs of blueberries from Juliana’s farm.  Then we drove back (+2).  All this sitting did not help the tightness in my low back at all.  Lucky for the blueberries it was cool and overcast in the morning so we got them to our freezer intact.  Hauling 300lbs up the stairs to the 3rd floor took some work.

Then it was time to cook.

Berries, salmon with olive oil & balsamic & coleslaw, berries & coconut milk

Then we took it easy for the afternoon.  I did some work but mostly read & researched my heart out.

Chicken burger & coleslaw, berries & coconut milk, green juice (+2)

In the evening we delivered 100lbs of berries to Big Boss and rather than drive up Dunbar street we parked at his place then walked to CrossFit (-2).  A bit of a warm up for my tight back.

Sunghee finished work and met us there and she and I were the entire Open Gym class.  She did teh day’s posted WOD, I did the Front Squat Pyramid.

Front Squat

Cautious of my back I set some very conservative goals.  Set my max at 265# which is a bit under my actual max and calculated my sets as follows:


Took full 5 minute breaks between sets.  On the 3rd rep at 160# I felt my low back muscle cramp a bit.  This was not my disc, not a back tweak, just a tight muscle cramping.  It was OK for the heavy singles though I felt my form broke down a bit at 215#.  On the way back down though the cramp cut my sets short.  I got 2 reps at 185 then felt a cramp.  Racked the bar instead of trying to push through it.  I’m pretty sure I could have tweaked something if I did not take a break.  At 160 I managed 3 out of 5 reps before cramping.  On my last set of 10 at 135# I thought I would make it but cramped at rep 9 and set the bar down.  So I hit my target of 215#, avoided hurting myself but failed to complete the pyramid as RX’d.  As Meatloaf once lamented “2 out of 3 ain’t bad.” (-2)

The Touch coached Kaelin (Waterboy), Showtime & Minion at 7pm.  Dr. T & I goofed around in the gym trying to catch up to Dangers.  He worked on pistols & cleans, I worked on muscle ups, HSPUs, K2E & T2B. (-2)

Sunghee & I shared a Post WOD shake I had prepared.  Coconut milk, banana, berries, black strap molasses.  (+3)

We walked back to the car (-2) then drove home.

I nibbled a bit and watched some educating videos from my newly created subscription collection.  Not so much hungry as depleted so I went for high impact food.

Green juice (+2), berries, 2x berries & coconut milk with quinoa granola (+4)

We retired to bed early.

Daily Totals
Sleep -2
Sun -2
Walk -2
Inactivity +4
WOD -4
Food +13

Balance 7