July 14 2015

I booked Wednesday off work so I could get 3 days in a row rest.  Here’s how the first day went:

Sunghee had a 5am call time to set.  They would keep her until about 8pm!  A long day.

I slept until 7am (-2) but woke a bit groggy and body a bit stiff.

Chicken dipped in olive oil & balsamic, berries & coconut milk, cranberry juice (+2)
Got my morning work done and intended to go do my CrossFit WOD but Kaelin slept until 10am.  Maybe better since my back is a bit tight after yesterday’s pistols.

Chicken burger & coleslaw, berries & coconut milk

At 10:15am we walked up Dunbar Street in the beautiful Vancouver sunshine (-2).  I did a CrossFit intro and then we walked back toward home (-2).

Hungry, we stopped at Cozy Inn Cafe for food.  Restaurant food costs so many points!

Bacon, mushroom & cheese omelette (cheese +2, restaurant prepared +1), hashbrowns (+1, restaurant prepared +1)
Dropped into Stong’s for an after snack to tide me over.  My body needed the fat.  I did not eat them all.
Picked up a book at the Dunbar library.  Then took Kaelin to see Minions.

The 3D bothered my eyes right off the bat.  I swore that i wouldn’t see another 3D movie after how bad my headache was the past couple times but Kaelin really wanted to see this at the Dunbar and they only have 2D on Mondays.  I tried but could not get Monday off:(

Ended up falling asleep, I was so tired.  That may have saved me.  Sitting (+3).

Afterwards we took a long route home to offset our long sit.  It may also have helped my head.  There was slight pressure threatening to turn into a headache but I was holding it off. (-2)

Back home I alternated between work, reading & researching online topics of interest.

Chicken burger with coleslaw, berries & coconut milk, cherries from Bob, green juice (+2)

My final meal was chicken dipped in olive oil & balsamic with berries & coconut milk

It was mostly a restful day.  Sunghee returned home as we got into bed.  I slept at 10pm but was awakened by Sunghee & Kaelin at 11pm.  Had a bit of trouble getting back to sleep.  Pretty darn tired for a guy who slept 8 hours and napped in the theatre.

Daily Totals
Sleep -2
Walking -3
Sun -3
Inactivity +3
Food +9

Balance +4