20 minutes of SLIPS and Shoulder Press 5 rounds of 10.  We headed to Tower Beach to look for some suitable pressing implements.  After completing our SLIPS we started with rocks and driftwood logs but they proved awkward to hold so that the ones we could press weren’t heavy enough to get the intended stimulus.  And then I remembered the Viking Press!

This classic strongman lift is a fantastic shoulder builder and can be done without a rack since one end of the log remains planted on the ground allowing you to get a solid grip.  Even better, because you are pressing a lever, the load is scalable so that Sunghee and I could train using the same log.  The farther out from the fulcrum, the easier it is to press, the closer in you go, the harder the press becomes.  Because we were alternating pressing from right, then left shoulder I did 20 reps each round (10 per side) and it was a great shoulder burner!  My last set I push pressed a few extra reps just for fun.  And I even did a cool down with single-armed Viking Press from the distal end of the log.

It was very pleasing to uncover another classic strongman technique that turned out to be far more effective than the WOD we had planned.  In fact, it was delightful to discover an outdoor WOD that was arguably better than it would have been if done in a fully equipped gym!

When we tried to run back up the Tower Beach stairs we discovered as an added bonus that the Viking Press really taxes the quads.  Within a few short steps the lactic acid build up made our quads seize up and reduced us to a trudge.  I don’t think I’ll be able to visit a beach again without hitting a few reps of Viking Presses!

Warm up
20 mins Slips
S: shoulder pads throughs, couch stretch, hip crossovers
L: L raises, straddle raises, W to L sit
I: handstand hold, HSPU(couch or wall)
P: L,M,R or dead bugs and bird dogs
S: scales with pistol squats

Shoulder press POP

Shoulder press

Cool down