Thursday’s workout will have two parts. Part one will be a five hundred and fifty meter run and part two will be three by five deadlifts. At first glance I did not know what to think about this one but it ended up being a nice workout right after yesterday’s thruster and wall walk one. I strongly recommend this one as it is a quick run and ends with a lifting/ coffee day.

If you are not able to run, we will have some options for you with the gym equipment. With whatever is chosen it will be more of a sprint and then on with the deadlifts.  If you are in the gym we will stager your run starts. Zoomers you may need to find an odd object to lift but you too will get a fun lifting day in.

Out of the Games workout this is my second favourite one. It’s also a great excuse to get a quick run in and deadlift some weight.

Thought of the day

“You are never as good as you think you are or as bad as you think you are” Tony Blauer

This quote has resonated with me recently as I am getting back into Jiu Jitsu. After over a year and a half off, I am very rusty and a little off on my timing for submissions, throws, and transitions. Some days I leave feeling very frustrated, with myself, as I should be better and should just be able to come back how I left.

Have you ever been in this situation? Expecting or feeling entitled to just have what you think you should or be where you think you should be?  The quote above allows me to have a sobering second thought; I should not be anywhere but where I am.  It also allows me to be present with what I have in the moment and know that it is a part of the process.

Mentally it can be very humbling to acknowledge you are not yet where you want to be. But it can also be an opportunity to go beyond and become better then you thought possible.  By embracing the process, being motivated and working to improve you can push pass the barriers holding you back. We look forward to seeing you on zoom, in the open gyms and in the group classes.





Warm up

Dynamic warm up


3 rnds

3/3 RDLs

5 Bent over rows


Build Deadlift

Run route


Part 1

550 M Run


Part 2



Cool down

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