Whatever terrible illness has been going around Vancouver finally caught up to me and took me down hard but even while I was struggling our Dunbar Street crew was still going strong and setting all kinds of personal bests.

A lot of focus this week on the Olympic Lifts and we emphasized the squat snatch versus the power snatch and the squat clean and split jerk over the power clean and push jerk.  Beginners don’t like them because they are harder.  And as CrossFit athletes we like to put up big scores.  But that is difficult to do until we have mastered these skill-based movements.
They require more flexibility, balance, coordination, agility and accuracy than the power versions.  5 of the 10 general physical skills!  And remember we WANT to develop all 10 general physical skills.  Especially the ones we are weak at.

Furthermore, getting good at the squat versions of the lifts will in time allow you to lift more load.  Failure to learn them will place a ceiling on your lifts.
We saw some great lifts and some good personal bests.  Through my fever haze I cannot recollect every best so please forgive me if I forgot yours.

These are challenging skills I know but do not give up.  Keep practicing them and in time you will reap the reward!