July 11 2015

Woke at 4:15am my working day waking time.  Could not get back to sleep:( (0)
I’ve had a very productive couple weeks but that means I’ve been in get-it-done mode and now I’m having a hard time turning it off.

So I got up and began loading yesterday’s nutrition talks to youtube.  Ate breakfast while I worked.  It’s kind of funny because we live in a small one bedroom apartment.  Sunghee & I have the bedroom and Kaelin has the living room which opens on the kitchen.  So in order not to wake them I set up in the front hallway just in front of the bathroom door with my laptop, camera and breakfast spread.  Luxury.

Salmon with salsa, berries & coconut milk, Taskmaster’s blueberries, cranberry juice (+2)
They were still sleeping when I headed to work.  After last night’s rain it was a cool Vancouver morning.  Refreshing.  And grateful it stopped in time for my walk to work.  On my way up Dunbar Street I stopped into Stong’s for cleaning supplies. (-1)

Today’s group classes faced a monster CrossFit WOD in Fight Gone Worse and everyone stepped up.  Very proud of how everyone soldiered through.  Hard Rock, Dr.T, Magnum & Dangers even did it RX’d!  Dangers took down my score completing 42 wallballs @20# unbroken.  Magnum did the same but beat even The Touch’s great score being the only person to finish with a sub-30 minute score!  Great work guys!

Dr. T’s boys Showtime & Fastfeet hit a team WOD with Waterboy.
I had an hour between classes and the Weighlifting to get through some work and squeeze in a meal.  Due to time constraints I had to eat breakfast & lunch at the same time or else starve later.  Not ideal.

Breakfast 2 & Lunch 1
Chicken with salsa, berries & coconut milk, chicken burger & salmon with coleslaw, berries & coconut milk
Olympic bronze medalist Christine Girard came in to teach the snatch & clean & jerk.  A great time as always, I think everyone left with something.  For me she suggested a wider grip on the clean and it felt much stronger.  Didn’t lift heavy today.  Worked with Kyle Friesen of Fuel Your Performance and we stayed at around 125# less than 50% of our 1rpm but a good weight for developing technique. (-2)

Sunghee picked me up after the 2pm class.  She had dropped Kaelin off for a sleepover at a school friend’s place.  To describe him as excited would be a gross understatement.

We of course had a free date night and would have been excited if I wasn’t so damn exhausted.  Non-stop for 11 hours without a break!

Went home and ate.

Lunch 2
Chicken burger & coleslaw, berries & coconut milk
Finally had a shower!  And then passed out on the floor in my underwear.  Felt like I slept forever.  The clock said about 10 minutes.  Too tired to think.

Asked Sunghee to decide what we should do.  She thought going out to eat would be a good idea if I hadn’t just eaten a late lunch.  I said I was ready to eat again.  She wanted somewhere close so we drove to The Kitchen a Korean restaurant on 10th & Sasamat that Dangers recommended.

It was great!  Real home-style Korean food.  Haven’t had that quality since Kimchee Nara in Richmond closed.

I indulged with Bibimbap
Rice (+1) with veggies, egg, bulgogi (+1).  sides included black beans (+2) & kimchee

After dinner we walked along 10th for a bit reminiscing about old days.  When we first met and started dating 18 years ago  Sunghee and her sister were living at 10th & Blanca so we spent some time at the local coffee shops ate restaurants though few of those remain.  But the sweet memories linger. (-1)

We returned home stopping at IGA on the way.  Had to have dessert.  Sunghee chose gluten-free cheesecake, I went for several helpings of quinoa granola.

Quinoa (+1), dried fruit (+1), nuts & seeds, coconut milk & berries

An early bedtime.

Daily Totals:
Food +8
Sleep 0
Sun 0
Walk -2
WOD -2

Balance 4