Happy Canada Day to all!

Great way to break up the week. I love Canada Day and the patriotic spirit that prevails.  People always seem friendly and in a good mood on Canada Day.  We are so nice here in Canada and I’m partial to nice.  Grateful to live in the land.  To the Truth North Strong and Free.  Lucky are we!

Part 3: Drinks on Canada Day

Readers, I’ll admit, I’m weary of my tale of alcohol-free living but I did commit to writing about the reality of living sans drink.  Let me close the loop by describing my first Canada Day without booze. It is a tradition in our household to spend Canada Day on Hornby Island.  When my boys were young, we’d board the ferries to Hornby as soon as school ended.  Canada Day was a celebrated event on Hornby Island.  There was always a party at the beach in front of the Thatch pub, one of the best places in the world to have a beer.   Festivities started at 6pm and included a tug-of-war event, a build your own boat contest, a band playing, lots of cake and at nightfall, fireworks that lasted forever.   The boys loved it.  Canada Day most often being mid-week so my husband, Mike, usually arrived on the weekend and missed this event.  Any mom will tell you that taking young kids a to beach event on your own for hours is a Hero WOD in the making. There is the risk of melt down by fatigue, overstimulation and junk ingested.   For me, it was years of ensuring I didn’t drink too much since I had to drive us home.  But it was a party, lasting hours and required pacing.  Effortful! The first year, Joey fell asleep on me and Zack was so proud to stay up till midnight.  His first time ever.  As was I.  It was fun but exhausting. We kept at this routine for a couple of years but then came my test year.   I drank coffee, not beer, ate chocolate, talked to another women who was on a mission to get through the night sans drink, which was amusing and before I knew it the night had flown by, it was relaxed and easy.  Granted the kids were a bit older, but not much.  I had no concerns about driving, no fetching of drinks and was full energy, till the end.   Such an easy night!  What used to seem hard had become simple as without drinking I had more strength.  The booze had been sapping it, even if just a tiny bit.   I always felt certain events were more upbeat with booze at hand. But I’ve learned I can have a good time without it too.  It is possible.  A few years ago,  I danced for hours at my cousin’s wedding, completely sober while my brother looked on from the side shaking his head, saying “I don’t know how you are doing that.”   Here is how. No one knows and no one cares if you are drinking. Everyone is in their own world.  Just jump to the beat and go for it.  You’ll be steadier on your feet.  Certain things are “not the same” but with the right people and good conversation it works.  Unfortunately, my not drinking can make some people uncomfortable and they can feel the need to explain to me why they are drinking, which is not at all necessary.    No judgement from me folks!  Ever. To each his own.  Cheers this Canada Day. Fill your glass tall with whatever you so choose and enjoy!! Go Canada!!

Solstice WOD June 20, 2020

We brought in summer on June 20, 2020 at Locarno Beach on a rainy Vancouver morning. Had the place to ourselves. Consensus was that once you got going it was refreshing with no punishing heat to contend with.  Jet and DK were ready to jump in the ocean to dust off at the end, but the tide was too far out.  Mufasa toughed it out in typical hardcore fashion.  Great job tackling this grinder in the sand! Thanks for coming out!

Athletics Canada Day WOD

Select dumbbell (DB) weight that lets you keep moving to 7+ rounds.

WOD A: 20-minute AMRAP

4 DB Burpees

6 Double DB Arnold Press*

8 Jump Squats over DB

12 Double DB Step-back Lunges

No equipment option:

 6 burpees of choice

8 plank up downs

10 jump squats

20 body weight lunges

WOD B: 3 continuous rounds of:

 :30 second flutter kicks

:30 second sit-ups

:30 Russian twists

:30 side plank (right)

:30 center plank

:30 second side plank(left)

*Bi-cep curl (yes, you read that right!) dumbbell to shoulders, turn palms out and shoulder press

If it doesn’t challenge you.  It doesn’t change you.  July 1, 2020.  You are hitting it strong!