An unusual but fun CrossFit WOD today combining engine work and some very technical lifts.

Our Dunbar Street crew was in fine form glad perhaps to be inside and out if the Vancouver rain.

Today our After School kids took on this WOD with the intention of putting the adults on notice and they did a great job too!
IMG_4446 IMG_4448 IMG_4450
The snatch weight was open to choice so RXing meant using the 20# wall ball for men or the 14# for women. Here’s our RX’d crew:
125# Snatch Dangers
115# Snatch Sandman
105# Snatch The Law & Magnum
95# Snatch Dr. T & BFG
65# Snatch Bruiser & Hard Rock
IMG_4469 IMG_4470
55# Snatch Brick
45# Snatch HeeHee, Fast Trak & Prime
IMG_4440 IMG_4468IMG_4465
Great work everyone!