In preparation for tonight’s Fool’s Day dance party we asked group class members if they’d describe themselves as a wall flower or dancing queen.  The 8am was 100% self reported wall flowers but the 10am crew (folks who appreciate a bit of a weekend sleep in) were 5o/50.  It should be noted that most wall flowers admitted that watered with the right libations that they might transform into dancing queens.  I think that this was the plot of the movie Gremlins.

Wall Flowers Dancing Queens
Sprite, Electric, G-Money, Dr. T, Dauntless, Shine, Fierce, Peril, Rocky, AV Hawkeye, Doc Disc, She-Ra, DT, Julia, DK, Special

So who’s being honest?  You’ll have to join us tonight at 5pm in WOD Father’s living room to find out who comes to life when the music plays.

Today we did Strict Slowly v.2 an easy WOD to adapt without gear.  Classes did a great job.

Here’s what that wall flower Coach The Touch has planned for Sunday morning:

Question of the day: what is your least favourite gymnastics movement?

Warm up
3 rnds (each side)
Yoga flow 

3 rnds
3 Push ups
3 Sit ups
3 Squats

20 min Amrap
5 push ups
10 sit ups
15 squats
Make sure you have something to keep track of rounds
If you don’t have an abmat roll up a towel or hoodie to use.
Cool down 
Trunk rotations
Downward dog
Cobra pose
Child pose

The Support Your Box Competition (Or the COVID 2020 Open as I like to call it) is now open.

Here’s where to register.  here’s what Armen Hammer has to say about it: