July 18 2015

Woke early at 6am from a solid sleep. (-2)

Beef jerky, 2 prunes (+2), berries & coconut milk, cranberry juice (+2)
A gorgeous Vancouver morning as I walked up Dunbar Street to work. (-2)

A make up day for CrossFit group classes.

More jerky, berries & coconut milk
My WOD was the snatch balance 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

Corey from Courtney, a competitive Olympic Lifter was in to do his training and generously shared some coaching and gym ideas both of which I found helpful.  I had planned to go up to 155# but to better practice some of his tips I lowered the weight only reaching 140#. (-2)

Sunghee picked me up.  We returned home where I ate hungrily.

5x delicious Meat Muffins, berries & coconut milk
Then we got ready to go.  Sunghee had already delivered Kaelin to my Mom’s, we headed out into the Langley heat for Dolly & Steel’s wedding.  (+2).

It was beautiful!  The Touch & MakMama were there as well as Demolition.  Steel was gorgeous (as usual) Dolly was dashing (as usual).  The ceremony was out of doors (+1 sitting, -1 sun).  We moved inside for the reception.  I’d say we mostly sat for 2 hours (+4).  Our table included another CrossFitter and a Personal Trainer and his wife.  Very animated conversation.  Of course Sunghee & I celebrated our wedding when our table mates were all still in elementary school.  Boy one gets old fast!

But what you really want to know is what we ate.  It was a great buffet and we had seconds.  The Touch’s first serving counted for three helpings.

Roast beef (+1), various tasty fish (+1), salad (+1), a few potatoes (+1) times 2 servings = +8!

We stayed to watch Dolly & Steel’s first dance then we drove home (+2).

I was sleepy, it was well past bedtime.  We got in very late.  What a wonderful wedding.  We are so happy for Dolly & Steel and so honoured to be invited to share their special day with them!

Daily Totals
Sleep -2
Walk -1
WOD -2
Sun -2
Inactivity +9
Food +12

Balance +14