It is hump day and time for another make up day! You are right in the middle of the semi final events and because of this you will notice some more mobility/ movement focused make  up options. First is the classic forty minutes of stretching, l-sits, inversions, planks, and scales ( SLIPS) and your second option is Empower rest number seventeen.

If you missed a workout from this cycle, you should probably do that one or if you are feeling tired take on one of the make up options. With the time caps the semifinals workouts are really fun and a good day to work on some skills. We look forward to seeing you on zoom and in the classes/ open gyms tomorrow.

Thought of the day

Yes you read that correctly high intensity group classes are back! As we will be announcing to classes for this week (until Monday) it will be a mix of group class, if you want to follow along, and open gym in case you have your final team event workout to do. Corey will write a detailed blog about it very soon and lay the plan to get us all back on track. On Monday we will be back to full group classes starting and ending together and getting back to that stronger community feel.

I have to say I have really missed coaching classes, It is great balancing the zoom and in gym group classes. It makes the hour a lot more fun and challenging but the most important part is it’s more enjoyable for the participants too. We look forward to seeing you in class and for you rocking the final semifinal workouts.


  1. Friendly Fran

21 Thrusters 85/115#

21 C2B


  1. Online Semifinals Event 2

50 DB Shoulder to overhead

50 DB Deadlift

50 GHD sit ups

100 Single arm OHS

50 Ghd sit ups

50 DB Deadlifts

50 DB Shoulder to overhead

DBs= 35/50# 25 minute Time cap


  1. Online Semifinals Event 3

30 MU

30m Dumbbell Front Rack Lunges 35/50# (32)

300 Du

20 MU

20m Dumbbell Front Rack Lunges 35/50#(20)

200 DU

10 MU

10m Dumbbell Front Rack Lunges 35/50# (12)

100 DU

25 Minute Time cap

  1. 40 Minutes SLIPS



  1. Empower reset #17

1 min Breathing Lying on Back

30/30 sec Head Nods/Rotations


2 min

10 Hollow to Superman Roll

10 Egg Rolls


2 mins

10 Cross Touch Plank Bird Dogs

10 Judo Push Up Rocks


3 Rounds

1 min Hourglass Hands and Knees Crawl

30 sec Hourglass Leopard Crawl


2 mins

Max Headstand hold

10 Sit Throughs


3 Rounds

1 min Hands-Free Get Ups

1 min Goblet Squat


400m Front Rack KB carry

  • Leon