Wednesday you get another chance for a Make up day. As always you can do a workout your missed, develop a skill, or take on one of the alternative options. Regardless of what you choose we will make sure you get a good training day in and will be able to move your game forward.  This is an interesting cycle of workouts. We only had two workouts between make up days and  Because of this, on top of the reset, you will see two other make up day options.

The first is L-sit and slow back extensions and the second is a touch of something. Veterans you will remember how those workouts go and for the new people tomorrow will be a great opportunity for you to take on any of the five options on the board.  We look forward to seeing you on zoom, in the group classes, and open gyms.

Thought of the day

Recovery is very important both physically and mentally. Last week, while my family was away, I added in my first two Jiu Jitsu session in over a year and a half and boy is my body unhappy with me.  Adding more on to a crazy week of hero workouts may have put me in a deficit. So my game plan for the next fifteen workouts is to take them slow and use them as movement to make my body happy with me again.

It is easy in situations like mine to blame it on something else but if we do not have everything in a row with nutrition, sleep, mobility, and Hydration then we need to fix those first. Having a vacation mindset has been really freeing for my mind but I am still trying to train like everything is dialed in. Movement is great for healing and sometimes we just need to dial it to the right intensity.

How is the summer treating you? Are you firing on all cylinders, or in need of a reset?



  1. 10 Minute Amrap

10 Box Jumps 20/24”

15 Push Jerks 65/95#

20 sec Echo Bike


  1. Hang Squat Snatch



  1. Empower Reset #13

1 min Belly Breathing

30/30 sec Head nods/ rotations


2 mins frog rolls


2 minutes

20 Cross- touch  Dead Bugs

10 Windshield wipers


2 Mins

10 Rocking Judo push ups

10 Cross crawl Planks


3 rounds ( 1 minute each)

Hands & Knees Box Crawl

Leopard Box Crawl


3 minutes

10 get ups (alternating sides)

20 cross crawls


1 minute Bar hang

400m plate Carry 25/45#


  1. L-sit & Back ext

1 Minute L-sit

15 Slow Back Ext


  1. Touch of Something

2 minute plank


3 rnds

200m farmers carry 35/50#

10 Strict C2B


2 Minute Plank

  • Leon