On Wednesday you will have another opportunity for a Makeup day.  For those not in the know, a makeup day is an opportunity to do a workout you missed, work on a skill, or take on one of the additional options.  Because the only workout between today and last make up day was the CrossFit total, we added a few more fun ones.

The options are hockey night in Canada (classic make up day and a great choice), a touch of something, and The Russian Kettle bell swing ladder. There are a few options depending on what type of workout you are feeling for the day. Have a good look at your choices below and we look forward to seeing you on Wednesday.

Thought of the day

“Start where you are. Use what you have.  Do what you can.” –Arthur Ashe

Sometimes the best thing you can do is just start and commit to the process. By sometimes I mean all the time. If it is something you really want. I used to always hear I can’t do CrossFit because I am not fit enough. But truth is, with the right coach it is scalable and adaptable to all different ability and athletic levels.  Regardless of where you are now, we can help you with what you have and move you forward towards were you want to be.

While the elite athletes at the games are very impressive have a look at the adaptive athletes. They are absolutely incredible and a true testament to commitment against all odds.


Next time you hear someone listing why they can’t do something; try and flip the question.  What are you able to do with what you have?



  1. Crossfit Total

Back Squat


Shoulder Press





  1. Hockey Night in Canada

10 rnds

30 sec Wall balls 14/20#

30 sec Burpees

2 minutes rest


  1. A touch of something

2 minute plank


3 rnds

200m farmers carry 35/50#

10 Strict C2B


2 minute plank


  1. Russian KB swing ladder


Minute 1: 3 Russian Kbs

2: 6 Russian kbs

3: 9 Russian Kbs

Etc until you cannot complete the number of swings within the minute

  • Leon