On Wednesday you get the chance to make up a workout you missed, take on the make up day options or work on skill development.  The added workouts are the dominator or Empower Rest Number fifteen. For more details on each scroll down and take a look.

Regardless of what you choose they are all good workouts. If you need some assistance in making the best choice for you, please ask the on duty coach and we are happy to help. We look forward to seeing you on zoom or in an open gym.

Thought of the day

How have you been sleeping? We spend a lot of time talking about training and nutrition but sometimes sleep can be a missing piece. Especially with young childen or shift work. One thing that has been very helpful, with our coaching schedule changing, is having a more consistent bed and wake up time. While I will never claim to be a morning person the possibility for a more consistent routine is there.

A few things I found helpful back when I was working multiple jobs, at all hours of the day, was: taking time to nap, using a white noise machine, and making the room as dark as possible. Hopefully these can help you and get you more consistent with your sleep. What things have helped you the most with a consistent sleeping routine?



  1. 20 Minute amrap

25 cal row

25 Hip extensions

25 GHD Sit ups


  1. Double under & Clean and jerk

5/5 3/3 1/1


Clean and Jerk 65/95#


  1. Thruster & weighted pull up


Thruster 95/135#

Weighted pull-up 30/45#


  1. The Dominator

30 cal row

10 burpees

20 cal row

20 burpees

10 cal row

30 burpees


  1. Empower Reset # 15

1 minute Belly breathing hands & Knees

30/30 sec Head nods/ rotations


3 minutes frog rolls


3 minutes

20 speed skaters

10 judo push up rock


3 minutes

20 gait bugs

10 windshield wipers


4 rounds

Hands & knees box crawl

Leopard box crawl


3 rounds

30 sec hangining hold

30 sec goblet squat hold


2 mins alt kb TGU


400m Double Kb Carry AFSAP

2 Alt KB TGU For every break taken

  • Leon