It is Wednesday and time for another make up day. On the menu we have some slips, thrusters, and the rowing and ring dip couplet. For the make up day options, you also can choose from Empower reset #17 or a ten rounder of L-sits and High box jumps. Knowing how much you all have missed L-sits I see that being a popular choice.

For those of you that have taken down the quarter final workouts, get some high quality movement in with which ever option you choose. We look forward to seeing you on zoom and in the open gym.

Thought of the day

What gets you out of bed on those hard days? I have seen and spoken to many people that are feeling stuck right now with the constant threat of a shut down.  Our challenge to you, when you are feeling stuck, is to choose one action that will move the day forward in a positive way.  What is one thing you can do right now that your future self will thank you for?

For me it can be as simple as putting down my phone and reading a few pages of a book, getting some work done, or creating a plan for the next workout. A Little bit of planning goes a long way. This also helps on those hard days so you don’t need to focus on all the things and can just start with one.


  1. 20 Minutes Slips


  1. Thrusters




  1. 10 rounds

1 minute Row

15 secs Rest

30 secs Ring Dip

15 Secs Rest


  1. L-Sit Box Jump

10 Rounds

30 Sec unbroken L-Sit

10 Box Jumps 30/36”


  1. Empower Reset #17

1 Min breathing lying on your back

30/30 sec Head nods/ rotations


2 Min

10 Hollow to Superman Roll

10 Egg Rolls


2 min

10 Cross touch Plank Bird Dogs

10 Judo push up rocks


3 rounds

1 Min Hourglass hands and knees crawl

30 sec hour glass Leopard Crawl


2 min

Max Head stand hold

10 Sit Throughs


3 Rounds

1 Min hands- free Get ups

1 min Goblet Squats


400m Front Rack carry


  • Leon