As the law has it, what goes up must come down.  The holidays are fun but despite our best effort, it can be a struggle to get back in the swing of things when it is over. This post might be premature if you have a couple of weeks of holidays left.  However, if you are heading back to work tomorrow or want to put the breaks on early, read on for a couple of strategies you can employ to get yourself back on your preferred path.  I use the following practices to return to a grounded state when reaching my goals seems like a mission impossible.

Number 1.  Stop and simply ask yourself, “What now?”  The purpose of this intervention is to break the cycle of unproductive rumination which occurs when you keep replaying decisions, i.e., I should have purchased this gift or had one or two fewer drinks or said “yes”, instead of “no” or said “no” instead of “yes”.  Whatever it is, you are driving yourself crazy and wasting valuable time. Use this tip to let the chips fall where they may and move on; answering the question “What now?”  can propel you out of the muck and into productive action!  Here are some examples:

Drank too much?  Drink a mug of electrolytes and get out for a walk. Ditch the booze today.

Ate too much rich food?  Today fill half your plate with greens and a third with lean protein.

Missed a week or more of workouts?  Get started back by doing the 12-minute amrap below in your living room.

  • 27 air squats
  • 27 dead-bugs
  • 27 original strength push-ups
  • 27 cross-touch marches

Number 2.  Upon arising, practice setting 1-3 micro goals for your day.  Use the framework, W.I.N. to set these small daily goals. Note: W.I.N. = What’s Important Now.  The mission here is to pick 1-3 things that if done, will set you up for success for your overall goals.

My W.I.N. list for Boxing Day was:

Make one IG tip video for the gym and write this post.

Clean out fridge, take stock of food on hand and prepare my meals from unprocessed foods, i.e., no gingerbread men.

Go for a walk in the forest with Mike.

What does your W.I.N. list look like?  Keep it simple. Keep it real. 1-3 items maximum. If you don’t make your items by the end of the day, simply ask yourself, “What now?” Make a new list in the morning. Go forth!

Life of a Dog

Do we have a Dog of the Month to kick off 2024?

Tell us about your pooch!

  • How and why did you get your dog?
  • What role does your dog play in your health and fitness?
  • What does your dog love to do?
  • Any other dog tales you want to share, we are all ears!

Submissions to: [email protected] by Dec 31.23.  Woof!

Wednesday WOD


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4 rnds
400m run
50 Squats

Cool down 

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