We’ve had quite a few great CrossFit WODs here on Dunbar Street over the past few weeks and consequently some exciting performances!

We had our 30 minute team AMRAP for metres with teams averaging about 5.5km per person except for Springs who went solo and with no one to slow him down posted over 7km worth of rowing in 30 minutes!   Outstanding:)

Dr. T, Brick & Mr. Fantastic went heavy on Gwen at 105, 115 & 125# respectively!

Chelsea gave us all a 2nd beating but Sandman & The Touch both managed to improve their scores.
BFG & Magnum killed Karen, 150 wall balls, but both Dangers & Super Mario boasted big personal bests on this one.

Doc Disc baffled us with this proof:

Don’t make the mistake of asking for an explanation.  I tried that, it only made things worse!

Our Team completed the first 4 WODs in the CrossFit Team Series making us proud with their solid performances.  Great work Dangers, Still Waters, The Touch & Bruiser.
Hard Rock just did an amazing 100 consecutive GHD Sit Ups.  If you’re still alive Hard Rock, well done!  If you didn’t pull through, I warned you, didn’t I?
MK set a personal best of 5 consecutive WODs and Aquagirl continues to slaughter my scores on the leader board!

The Law is back after a long summer of articling and Kanga has returned as well.

A whole new batch of athletes have started in the Beginner’s Class.

Autumn is creeping up on the City of Vancouver but inside CrossFit Empower things are just starting to heat up.

New programs start next week, we are excited!