This fine Vancouver day our CrossFit WOD was the weighted pull up.  It was a great day for personal bests though many forgot to write theirs on the board.  Whether lifting more weight than ever before, using fewer bands or getting the kip for the first time I would consider this one a very successful day!

It is great to have a day to just focus on a single skill.

Dunbar Street’s wackiest tag team Professor Paratrooper & the Junkyard Doc certainly made today’s highlight reel but I wanted to acknowledge everyone who RX’d today’s WOD because 3 reps is an accomplishment and the rankings did not at all go as you might have expected:

Body Weight: Bat Girl

7.5# Shades, Road Warrior, Hard Rock, Prime
15# Quicksilver & Smash
20# A very tactically prepared Professor Paratrooper
30# Super Mario, Sandman & BFG
35# Bruiser & the wildly reckless Junkyard Doc
40# Yeti & Dr. T crushing it!
IMG_4610 IMG_4612

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