It is always a bit sad to say goodbye to summer and this past summer was one of Vancouver’s best but September has been an exciting rush.  Our After School CrossFit program has taken flight.  Above you can watch Ricochet speed through an obstacle course.

The autumn rush has brought a whole host of new CrossFitters to Dunbar Street.  Our first batch including Hero, General, T-Bone & JenX graduated Friday and already the Beginner’s class has filled up again with a fresh crew of promising new faces.
And then there was the leaderboard!  What a leaderboard!  I like to joke about Dangers hogging all the space but the reality is that there are a lot of names up there with a lot of personal bests beside them.  Our group class veterans have really kicked it up a notch and some very big break throughs are happening.  So even as I lament the departure of summer’s fair weather I am excited by the prospect of what new achievements October will bring!